How To Improve Minecraft Performance and FPS

There are a few ways to improve Minecraft’s performance and FPS on your computer.

  • The most obvious way is to change your in-game video settings, which can be found in the menus by going to Options…>Video Settings…. For maximum performance, change your Graphics to Fancy, Render Distance to Far, Smooth Lighting to Off, Performance to Max FPS, and 3D Anaglyph to Off. However, you will have to experiment with Advanced OpenGL (Occlusion Culling, meaning you only render visible blocks) as many have reported mixed results between enabling it and disabling it.
  • Another option to achieve a greater FPS is to install performance-improving mods such as Optimine and OptiFog. They can be found, with instructions and support, here.
  • Get SpoutCraft. SpoutCraft is a custom client, that has its own separate files from the default minecraft installation. It comes built in with the HD Texture Fix, Better Grass, Optifine (Optimine and OptiFog), and much more. Plus, it’s even required for some servers now. You can get Spoutcraft here.
  • If you are running a 64-bit operating system, installing the 64-bit version of Java will allow you to allocate more memory to Minecraft than the 32-bit version. The Java download can be found here. Alternatively, you may try the Java 7 Preview, that may give an immense performance boost and is available for both 32 and 64-bit operating systems, here. You can then easily allocate more memory to the game by downloading Spoutcraft from the link above and changing the settings in the launcher options (login screen).
  • The last, and perhaps the most permanent and best option for improving Minecraft’s performance and FPS is to upgrade your computer, specifically your graphics card, RAM, and CPU.

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