Recommended Minecraft Bukkit Plugins

Here are a few excellent Bukkit plugins worth checking out. Click the plugin title to be taken to its page.

  • PermissionsEX -An excellent plugin for managing who is allowed to do what in your server. This includes who can use what commands and who can build. PermissionsEX lets you organize players into groups for easy management. Supporting multiworld, MySQL, Permissions 2-3, and Superperms, this is probably the best permissions management system out there. Also, keep in mind that PermissionsEx (or an alternative) is actually required for many plugins. 
  • BlocksOnGlass -This plugin allow players to place blocks on other blocks that you previously couldn’t.
  • ChairCraft -An easy to use plugin that allows you to sit in chairs made from stairs.
  • Citizens -One of the few plugins that let you create NPC that talk, including traders, blacksmiths, wizards, healers, and guards and has even more NPC types planned for the future.
  • CommandBook -A customizable plugin that contains many commands that let you change the time, weather, give items, teleport, and much more.
  • iConomy -A plugin that implements an economy system into your server, allowing players to have accounts earn or spend money through plugins that hook into it, such as Citizens.
  • SimpleGive -A plugin that makes it easier to give yourself or others items by allowing you to use item names instead of IDs and adding the “/i” command to give to yourself. The plugin’s configuration file can be edited to accommodate new items or to allow custom names for items.
  • Spout -Adds custom content and new features to Bukkit, allowing plugin developers to do things that weren’t possible before. This plugin is required for many plugins that let you do things like add custom music, force texture packs, set custom titles or skins, and much more. However, keep in mind that some features require Spoutcraft, a custom client designed by the Spout team.
  • Tombstone -A plugin that, when a player dies, creates a chest with the items they were last carrying. This plugin is LWC compatible and has many configurable options and permissions.
  • LWC -This plugin allows players to lock doors, chests, hatches, signs, and other blocks, making them only accessible to certain players or groups.
  • mcMMO -A plugin that adds more depth to Minecraft gameplay by adding parties, skills, abilities, experience points, and levels. Highly configurable and has Spout support, including custom sounds, party health bars, and experience bars.
  • WorldEdit -An excellent plugin for editing Minecraft worlds in-game, similar to some map editors. Like Permissions and iConomy, some plugins are actually dependent on WorldEdit, so it is a recommended plugin to have.
  • WorldGuard -This plugin gives you the ability to define cuboid and polygonal regions or areas, allowing you to protect them from players, mobs, and fire, and do much more, such as greeting and farewell messages when entering a region.

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