How to make a Minecraft 1.8 Creative Server

This article assumes you already have a working 1.8+ Minecraft Server. If you do not know how to make a Minecraft server, take a look at this guide here. This article was written at the time of Beta 1.8 Pre-Release 2.

You have two options to enable creative mode for your SMP server.


If you want everyone to have access to creative mode:

  1. Open your file and change gamemode=0 to gamemode=1. where 0 is survival and 1 is creative.
  2. If you wish, you can also disable animals and monsters by setting spawn-animals=true to false and spawn-monsters=true to false.
  3. Save the file and run your server.
If you only want some people to have access to creative mode:
  1. Make sure you are the operator of the server by writing your in-game name in the ops.txt file in the root of your server. Then start the server.
  2. To change the gamemode for specific players, type into the chat “/gamemode PLAYERNAMEHERE 1″ without the quotes to enable creative for the player you specifiy. To disable creative mode for a player, type “/gamemode PLAYERNAMEHERE 0″ without the quotes.
  1. To fly in creative mode, double tap jump (default spacebar). Holding down space makes you rise and holding shift makes you descend.
  2. Right-click doors to open them without breaking them in creative mode.
If you’re using Bukkit…
You may wish to check out some plugins to help make your creative experience better:

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